"Because Survivor Fitness gave me the opportunity to work with a personal trainer, I was able to rebuild and rediscover what three years of cancer had taken from me." - Survivor Fitness Participant

A cancer diagnosis comes with a loss of control. And for many, that loss of control continues far beyond their diagnosis and their treatments. Once you're done with treatment, you don't simply return to life as normal. This is really the beginning of your story. This is the time to move FORward. 

Through your donations, Survivor Fitness Foundation can help cancer survivors take back control and regain their physical and mental strength and wellness. We all know someone who has been touched by cancer, so this year we ask you to give FOR THEM.

Give for the chance to feel confident and in control. Give them hope. Give them courage. Give for the opportunity to move FORward. So, who are you giving FOR? 

P.S. Make sure to let us know in the comments section of your donation, along with their address, and we'll make sure they know you're thinking of them during this busy holiday season!



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